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Сентябрь 2000. Перемены в настроениях электората

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Опубликовано на портале: 29-11-2006
September 2000. Changes in Electorate Attitudes (by Leonid Sedov). The article analyses the changes that have taken place in the electorates of the main challengers since March 2000. Putin's electorate has increased by 5-6% of population. About 10% of his advocates have left him, but he has won 16% of new supporters during the same time, and now 41% would like to vote for him (36% in March). At the same time the electorates of his main opponents have decreased: G.Zyuganov has lost 6% of population, G.Yavlinsky has lost half of his few supporters that made up 4% and acquired 1% of new ones.
The direction of these changes is different: the electorate of CPRF leader is becoming more and more anti-Putin, moderately oppositonal. Yavlinsky's electorate moves in backward direction — their oppositional attitudes, as compared to March, have become more moderate. As a result, the democratic opposition to Putin is getting milder, and the left one is becoming firmer, that indirectly testifies to the fact that the course taken by Putin suits the right forces more and falls short of the leftists expectations. The society on the whole has so far been supporting Putin. This is expressed in quantitative increase of his electorate and in absence of any serious rivals.
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