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Social constructing of time

русская версия

Опубликовано на портале: 07-11-2006
"Social constructing of time" attempts to unite ethnic, cultural, social and political conceptions of time. Understanding structures of subjective time is of special importance today, when transforming Russian society made paramount studies of individual time reception in various social groups under changing social stratification. Basing on Russian-language and international sources, author asserts that velocities and rhythms of social change are uneven in different spheres of social life and in subjective evaluations made by various population groups. Subjective time of the above groups was, however, studied so far in a fragmented way. Norms regulating attitudes to time and to its use have to be studied as well involving» inter alia, group stereotypes "We-They in time". Social ideas about social time are seen as a way to more precise forecasting dynamic attitudes to social transformations.
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