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Человек в системе социальных связей

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Опубликовано на портале: 07-11-2006
A Person in the System of Social Connections (by Ludmila Khakhulina). In Russia like in other European countries and the USA the nearest area of communication is comprised of close friends and relatives (children and parents). Friendly and family relations are important not only for communication but for solving everyday life problems. While solving their life problems people in Russia most often turn to the help of their friends and relatives and themselves eagerly provide help and support for other people. In other words close relatives and friends are viewed as "a resource" or "a capital" that helps to solve important problems of every day life: from finding a job to getting help in such matters as taking care of sick persons. The less important is the role of social institutions capable of providing the necessary support the more important is the role of social capital. Thus the Russians extremely seldom turn to the help of the Institutions of health care and social security and private companies in solving such problems as taking care of the sick and elderly people. For finding a job the Russians also more often use their connections than corresponding formal institutions (employment agencies, informational and advertising editions). And it is only for receiving large sums of money that credit organizations are being used more and more now though relative connections still remain the main source of loaning.
Comparing Russia with other countries one can observe more similarities than differences. Such situation may be viewed as an indication of the fact that in the countries with common civilization roots contemporary way of life a part of which are relations with friends and kinship has many features of similarity despite the differences in socio-economic structure and development.
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