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Представления россиян об ответственности зкономической элиты перед обществом

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Опубликовано на портале: 09-11-2006
The Russians' Views on Economic Elite Responsibility to Society (by Andrey Zdravomyslov). The article based on the survey carried out in March-April, 2000 by the Institute of Sociology, RAS in cooperation with the RF Agency of Friedrich Ebert Foundation dwells upon mass expectations of the Russians concerning the role of Russian business in society, its social responsibility, activity motivation, fair and unfair incomes distribution, as well as upon the Russians' views on relationships between economic elite and top authority officials and the influence of these connections on the development of economic reform in the country. The idea of redistribution of natural rent in favor of the country budget is most widely supported. Another important idea is that Russian society should find a way of transition from oligarchic capitalism to a cultural one which freedom is limited by responsibility to society and population, to the state and structures of civil society, to the present and the future of the country's science and culture.
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