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Фокус-группы: эволюция метода. (обзор дискуссии на конференции ESOMAR)

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Опубликовано на портале: 14-11-2006
Focus Groups: Evolution of the Method (by Alexey Levinson and Olga Stouchevskaya). The article is a review of the ESOMAR Qualitative Research Conference ('Qualitative ascending, harnessing its true value') that was held in Boston, USA, in November 2002. The focus is on the stateof- the-art qualitative research, and more specifically, on the focus groups as the most common and well-known tool in the research practice. Two basic issues are discussed: evolution of the method, and application of the focus group methodology in the emerging markets. The authors' conclusion, illustrated by the case studies reported at the Conference, is that the 'classic' focus group now undergoes the process of transformation towards the much softer and bricolage methodological techniques aimed to provide better insights into consumer motivations and behavior. The case studies that describe situation in the emerging or unstable markets (former Eastern Germany, Gulf states, Indonesia, Argentina) are reviewed from the perspective of their similarity with the dramatic processes going on in modern Russia.
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