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Проблемы повседневной жизни семьи. "Бедность" как фокус восприятия повседневных проблем

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Опубликовано на портале: 14-11-2006
The Issues of Family Everyday Life (by Natalya Zorkaya). The article features the dynamics of data on the issues that aggravate the family everyday life, peculiarities of intra-family relations, first of all, the most typical attitudes towards children and adolescents upbringing, as well as specific features of the contemporary Russians' leisure behaviour. During the!990-s the main problem of family every-day life was that of material well-being; during the last 8 years the share of people has decreased that complain of lack of prospects, the sense of hopelessness, fatigue, that testifies to the process of population coping to changes. Alongside with this there is a decrease in the share of those who are afraid of losing a job (that indicates indirectly the slow tempo of structural economical transformations); respondents anxiety of their poor health state is increasing. The latter is viewed in the article as one of the characteristics of non-productive, passive type of adaptation. The analysis of intra-family relations shows the weakening of interpersonal relationships, preserving authoritarian attitudes towards children upbringing. The Russians leisure behaviour becomes more and more "domestic": in comparison with early 1990-s the share of people has dropped sharply who visit cinema, theaters, concerts and who spend their leisure outside home. New types of leisure behaviour connected with development of the urban way of life and its differentiation are typical mainly for the youngest and socially active, successful and well-to-do part of the population.
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