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Сталин и другие. Фигуры высшей власти в общественном мнении современной России

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Опубликовано на портале: 14-11-2006
Тематический раздел:
"Stalin and Others. Higher Authority Figures in the Public Opinion of Modern Russia" (by Boris Dubin). In his paper Boris Dubin analyses one of the bearing details in the design of modern Russian identity ("the Russian myth"), the legend of the Great Russian Power projected into the past. This legend is conceived as a mechanism of preserving the culture and social consciousness under the specific belated and "catching up", traditionalizing modernization, a mechanism that supports closed and protective character of the social system of the Russian society. The figures of Stalin and other representatives of higher authorities in Russia (from Khrushchov to Putin) acquire their meaning within the framework of this design depending on its modal arrangement and meaningful content. The article points out and examines on a vast base of public opinion polls during 1989-2002 the following components of mass significance of Stalin's image: Stalin and the soviet state ("Power"); Stalin and the Great Patriotic War, the victory over fascism; Stalin and the mythology of Russia's "specific way"; Stalin and the metaphors of authoritarian leadership ("the iron hand", "established order"); Stalin as a personification of total super-power (extraordinary control of power, exempted from law and morality). Special attention is paid to such form of negative significance of Stalin's figure as combining in his mass image, in the art and literature of 1960-90-s that were supporting this image, such demonic features of exclusiveness and out-of-normativeness that reject and exclude each other.
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