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Типология личного потребления населения России

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Опубликовано на портале: 17-11-2006
The Typology of Personal Consumption for Russia's Population (by Natalya Bondarenko). A number of indicators are considered for a deeper analysis of consumption potential and evaluation of its differentiation across various consumption groups. Studying the dynamics of the average per capita monetary incomes of families, sources of these incomes, differentiation of respondents' families according to the levels of family incomes is important, as well as studying the structure of household property (the number and composition of durable goods at a family's disposal) and the analysis of population current consumption based on the assessments given by respondents themselves of the main goods and services consumption in families.
The joint analysis of both property provision of Russian families and their current consumption allowed to develop the stratification of population according to the level of consumption. On the basis of cluster analysis procedure the groups of families were distinguished that differ both by the level of material resources and the motives of consumption behaviour. It is shown that nearly half of Russian population is characterized by an extremely low level of consumption that testifies to its poverty. Relatively well-to-do families provided by a more or less complete set of modern household property that are not restricted financially in meeting their current demands comprise about 5% of the country's population.
The consumption typology produced in this way is important for evaluation of the size and stability of various consumption groups, allows to define and quantitatively describe the level of their impact on forming up the general direction of the country's population consumption behaviour.
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