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В какие игры играют толпы. Социологические заметки на актуальную тему

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Опубликовано на портале: 19-11-2006
Тематический раздел:
Games Crowds Play: Sociological Notes on Urgent Issue (by Yuri Levada). In connection with "football pogrom" in the center of Moscow in June 2002 it seems important to understand first of all the way people and groups become a crowd and what guides them. "Insanity" of a crowd is always of social nature as it means a pointed break-up of social, cultural and moral norms and even sacred taboos. People's actions in crowd may be often described in the terms of a "game" (taking into consideration that game behavior might be awfully cruel). General base of a crowd pogrom actions should be searched in certain peculiarities of today's social atmosphere. In Autumn 2001 almost half of the interviewed people found justifications for murderous pogroms at Moscow markets and more than a half supported the slogan "Russia for Russians!"
The character of state and social interest in "para-football" passions plays an important role in the fact that such passions bring about a mad crowd. Here works the most primitive and so the most stable level of patriotism, from street or club one to the state one.
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