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Динамика отношения к рыночной экономике (анализ молодежных когорт начала и конца 90-х годов)

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Опубликовано на портале: 22-11-2006
The Dynamics of Attitude to the Market Economy (the Analysis of Youth Cohorts in Early and Late 1990s) (by Ludmila Khakhulina). The results of research on changes of attitude of youth cohorts of the beginning and the end of 1990s to the transition to market economy are presented in this article. The analysis carried out has shown that youth groups especially those who were in the stage of active self-determination (below 24 years) have mainly continued to support the transition to the market economy and commitment to its ideas (private property, competition, free price formation, openness of economics) during ten past years. More mature youth, having passed to the middleage cohort during ten years, though preserved the support of the course for transition to the market economy, but to a smaller extent. At the same time the attitudes of middle-age group to the principal market values are more contradictory. The fact that the issue of transition of Russian economy to the market relations is no more a question of a heated discussion is the result to a great extent of maintaining by the youth of the early 1990s the positive attitude to the market economy during the following ten years.
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