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Ориентации населения в сфере труда

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Опубликовано на портале: 04-12-2006
Population's Orientations in the Domain of Work (by Ludmila Khakhulina). The article presents the findings of a survey of working orientations in Russia, conducted in 1997 using the techniques of the •'International Social Science Program" (ISSP). The results have demonstrated that, occupying an important place in people's life, for most of them work is not however the dominating value. An instrumental attitude toward work as exceptionally a means of earning money is spread approximately to the same extent as an attitude toward work as a value in itself - in the area of realisation of experience, knowledge, abilities, and motivations for achievement There is a considerable gap between the level of claims in the domain of work and subjective assessments of work being actually done; however, more t han half of respondents interviewed feel completely comfortable with their work.
One-third of employees are rather highly motivated to continue working where they are and doing their work. However, a majority are employees with an ambivalent motivation.
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