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Человек недовольный: протест и терпение

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Опубликовано на портале: 04-12-2006
Тематический раздел:
The 'Unhappy Man': Protest and Tolerance (by Yuri Levada) The high level of general discontent of the population in the present-day Russia stays unchanged during the recent years against the background of relatively low indicators of targeted social (both political and economic) protest and pretty weakly organised struggle for the satisfaction of certain demands. After the mode! of general unanimity and optimism characteristic of (he Soviet period was ruined, diffuse discontent has become the general background of social moods. Weakness and lack of organisation of social protest under these conditions strengthen the resource of passive tolerance in society. The willingness to participate in various actions of protest, declared by respondents, considerably exceeds the scale of real participation in such actions.
Manifestations with economic claims are in the recent years focused mainly on the payment of wage and allowance arrears and have the form of appeal to central authorities. Mass political claims after 1991 are dominated by attitudes of conservative populism. In the absence of mass workers', trade union, and democratic movements, the organisers of these manifestations are some sectoral or local lobbies. The weak social and political structure in Russia provides favourable conditions for outbursts of negative national mobilisation of public opinion connected with an 'enemy complex'; an example is the situation of autumn 1999 (the 'antiterrorist' campaign).
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