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Family Photos from Anthropological Point of View

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Опубликовано на портале: 22-12-2006
Photographing has introduced a new experience of vision into everyday life, has given new tool to a body of the person putting in the center of human experience the body, not the consciousness. It is interesting to analyze not only the photographing of events, but also the event of photographing. In this place develops experience impossible outside of this ritual; the control over a situation through its standardization, lubrication, hierarchization. Here starts the ideology of visual forms, imposing norms of photographing and understanding the sense of images. To acquire social experience means, besides other things, to master its visual part: a skill to see (to look) and a skill to be seen (to be looked). To be looked is a step «to be I». The social control lies behind the «censorship of being looked». An album as a form of popular culture and some kind of folklore, stores sets of the precedent images, allowing judgment about social changes.
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