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Ethnography Of One's Self: On Benefits of Formalism in Anthropology

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Опубликовано на портале: 23-01-2007
Using two texts as prime examples — С. Geertz' article on «Thick description» (1973) and P. Rabinow's «Reflections on fieldwork in Marocco» (1977) — the essay discusses two major traditions in the American sociocultural anthropology. If followers of Geertz usually emphasize the hermeneutic, explanatory, interpretative aspects of anthropological writing and ethnographic study, then those who share Rabinow's views tend to base their approach on a more aesthetically oriented perception of reality. Refusal to look for «deep», «objective» or at least «objectified» structures and motivations that might have determined human behavior, results in this case in a highly sensitive attention to the processes and events that are centered on the researcher him / herself.
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