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Max Weber: «Agrarian Question»

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Опубликовано на портале: 23-01-2007
The agrarian problems of German eastern provinces required much-needed solutions. On the one hand there were the crisis processes in the social domain of agriculture, on the other hand there were the national conflicts between Poles and Germans. Max Weber conducted two broad empirical researches (1891-1893). The first investigation was organized by the «Verband der Sozialpolitik» under the supervision of famous politician and economist Gustav Schmoller, the second by the «Evangelisch-sozialen Kongress» under the supervision of well-known pastor Paul Guhre. Max Weber proposed his own solution, namely the «inner colonization». The Weber's empirical analysis and his solution are topical for the modern Russia. Simultaneously with the specific case of east agrarian problems Weber discussed the main important dynamics of European capitalism.
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