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The Banking System And Integration Challanges

Опубликовано на портале: 22-12-2007
Theoretical and Applied Economics. 2007.  Vol. 6. No. 6. P. 73-92. 
This material is presenting the banking system in Romania, as it developed after 1990 year. First of all, the text is pointing out the legislative framework set up for regulating the banking system, both during the transition period and just before the moment of the adhesion of Romania to the European Union. Afterwards, there are several points of view being expressed as to the banking regulations, the penetration of the foreign capital in our country, the main privatizations of the former state-owned banks – BCR, BRD, BANCA AGRICOLA, BANCPOST etc., or the establishment of new commercial banks, of individual personality. The credit institutions are analyzed from the point of view of their ownership form. A significant place is allocated to the evolution of the assets and liabilities within the banking system and the credit institutions system. There are evaluations as regards the procedures of supervising the banking system, the banks distribution network and the efficiency of the commercial banking system, which are emphasized by the analysis. The final part of the material is focusing on the evaluation of the Romanian banking system in comparison with the banking system of the countries members of the European Union.

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