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The Consolidation on Banking Supervision in the Context of a Pan European Banking System

Опубликовано на портале: 22-12-2007
Theoretical and Applied Economics.. 2007.  Vol. 3. No. 3. P. 53-60. 
The diversity of national banking systems in the European banking system and the absence of consolidated supervision creates the premises for a series of interrogations whose essence is the same: Is it possible to discuss about a Pan European Banking System? The starting point in answering this question was the efforts to create a single banking market, which took place in 1973-1999, and the impact of integration on the European Banking Industry. Among the most representative aspects, it must be emphasized the necessity of consolidating banking supervision at an European level, considering that the International Banking Community studies the problematic of banking regulations at a global level. The two dimensions of the prudential and European bank supervision device – the geographic and the institutional – demand the creation of a structural reform in order to ensure the functioning of a Pan European system of banking supervision and regulations. The considerations on the Consolidation of European Banking Supervision draws into discussion the Financial Supervision Authority which has generalized as an applicable model in numerous European countries and has been mentioned as an alternative of Pan European banking supervision. In the process of the integration of the banking sector, the Basel II Accord represents an opportunity in reaching a convergence of national regulations and practices in matters of risk management, considering that these actions are in line with the preoccupations of realizing a Pan European banking system. Thus, the creation of Pan European banking system involves actions in more directions: legal, institutional, operational meant to ensure the consolidation of banking supervision. Download Info

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