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Informal economy actors' solidarity: case study of migrants and businesspeople

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Опубликовано на портале: 25-07-2003
"Informal economy actors' solidarity: case study of migrants and businesspeople" (by Svetlana Barsoukova) takes as her departing point the issue of narrow approaches in researching economic problems, - related to a well-known notion of solidarity. After assessing phenomenon of group solidarity, its essence and precondition for its making, S. Barsoukova attacks the myth (or reality?) of solidarity allegedly being a part and parcel of ethnic adaptation and ethnic enterprises in contemporary Russia. This is an issue of high (at times, explosive one) priority for Russian economic scenery, including informal economy. Data collected allow to conclude, that there are forces at play blocking or slowing down migrants solidarity in Russia. As for businesspeople solidarity, there are also empirical proofs that its making develops along far from linear processes.
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