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What identity do St.-Petersburg inhabitants display?

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Опубликовано на портале: 04-10-2007
"What identity do St.-Petersburg inhabitants display?" (by Marina Rabzhaeva and Vadim Semenkov discusses social meaning of names and self-descnption of the city vanously called in different times Saint-Petersburg , Leningrad , 'Petrograd , as well as the reasons for its re-naming The present name of Saint-Petersburg emerged as a result of renaming the city of Leningrad in 1991 Yet many citydwellers and people from other regions still call the city Leningrad and its inhabitants Leningraders The authors explain the paradox by the fact that this name has histoncally come to be dominant in the minds of present generations and in everyday life associated with blockade of Leningrad dunng WWII, that is it had acquired certain social meaning Renaming Leningrad to Saint-Petersburg, so the authors, is a product of manipulation in the wake of USSR disintegration New (Petersburger) identity has failed so far to take shape due to lacking attractiveness of non-democratic elite-styled Petersburger" image among the city-dwellers settled in the city after the war, as well as due to other reasons.
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