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Evaluation of the Risk and of the Opportunities in Launching the New Banking Services

Опубликовано на портале: 28-10-2007
Theoretical and Applied Economics. 2007.  P. 47-52. 
The creation of new products and services is acknowledged as being a necessity for the development of a company. Furthermore, due to the changes occurred in the banking field, the introduction of new services became for institutions a condition to remain competitive. The banking institutions which intend to be leaders in a domain should take the initiative and introduce new services. In the same measure, there are companies for which the cost of a potential failure is too high and they cannot allow it. They limit to introduce in their offer the products that have been tested on the market and have success among the consumers. This option in the marketing policy of the firm depends on several factors, such as the mission of the organisation, the intended objectives, the dimension and the resources of which it disposes and last but not least the nature of the new proposed service.

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