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Inside the Economist's Mind: The History of Modern Economic Thought, as Explained by Those Who Produced It

Опубликовано на портале: 28-10-2007
Working Papers Series In Theoretical and Applied Economics. 2005.  No. 200522.
This is the front matter from a book of interviews to be published by Blackwell. The book is coedited by W. A. Barnett and P. A. Samuelson. The front matter includes the Table of Contents, Coeditor Preface by W. A. Barnett, Coeditor Foreword by Paul A. Samuelson, and History of Thought Introduction by E. Roy Weintraub. The front matter highlights some of the more startling and controversial statements contained in the interviews and puts the interviews into context relative to the history of modern economic thought. The interviews reprinted in this book include:
(1) Wassily Leontief interviewed by Duncan Foley.
(2) David Cass interviewed jointly by Steven Spear and Randall Wright.
(3) Robert E. Lucas interviewed by Bennett T. McCallum.
(4) Janos Kornai interviewed by Olivier Blanchard.
(5) Franco Modigliani interviewed by William Barnett and Robert Solow.
(6) Milton Friedman interviewed by John Taylor.
(7) Paul A. Samuelson interviewed by William A. Barnett.
(8) Paul Volcker interviewed by Perry Mehrling.
(9) Martin Feldstein interviewed by James Poterba.
(10) Christopher Sims interviewed by Lars Peter Hansen.
(11) Robert Shiller interviewed by John Campbell.
(12) Stanley Fischer interviewed by Olivier Blanchard.
(13) Jacques Dreze interviewed by Pierre Dehez and Omar Licandro.
(14) Tom Sargent interviewed by George Evans and Seppo Honkapohja.
(15) Robert Aumann interviewed by Sergiu Hart.
(16) James Tobin and Robert Shiller interviewed by David Colander.

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