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Russia's population health: factors and characteristics in the 1990's

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Опубликовано на портале: 30-10-2007
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"Russia's population health: factors and characteristics in the 1990's (by Inna Nazarova) determines basic factors influencing Russia's inhabitants' health during the recent changes. Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey data for 1994-2000 serve as a main source of the paper. Physical and emotional health seems to depend largely on such key demographic features as age, sex, and residence. Ethnic Slavs tend to assess their health below averages, as do individuals living for over 5 years in poor households. People with higher education have better chances to retain their emotional health. Poverty for over 5 years and at least one year of unemployment have negative impact on men's state of mind. Smoking for over three years, lack of sleep, and physical passivity are clearly harmful for health, while believers tend to assess their physical health higher then unbelievers do.
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