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Prospects for democracy in Russia: real and imagined perils

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Опубликовано на портале: 25-07-2005
The authors analyze preconditions for recurring emergence of the problem of choice between democracy and authoritarianism in Russia. For this purpose data are used about ideas of democracy displayed by Russians in surveys by Institute of complex social research, Russian academy of sciences, as well as about degree in which Russians adhere to democratic values. Specific differences between understanding of democracy and that found in the nations of the West are iscussed. They are rooted mainly in the fact that Russians face difficulties in finding full-scale democracy (as well as freedoms, order or justice) in their real life. A main factor for declining value of democratic idea in Russia today authors see in the fact that these ideas have been 'privatized' by persons at the top of the society. To counteract the trend equality before law and independence of the judiciary are cited as priorities.
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