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New Growth Regimes, but Still Institutional Diversity

Опубликовано на портале: 25-03-2008
Socio-Economic Review. 2004.  Vol. 2. No. 1. P. 1-32. 
Whereas the American case may hint that product and labour market deregulation, venture capital and NASDAQ are necessary for the success of a technological led growth, the international comparison suggests the coexistence of at least three successful configurations. Deregulated economies explore a science pushed innovation, along with external labour flexibility, significant inequality in terms of competences. But social democratic countries develop a cooperative approach to the knowledge based economy: rather homogenous educational level, life long learning, negotiation by social partners of the consequence of innovation, collectively organized labour mobility. There is a third configuration for some catching-up economies that use information technology as a method for leapfrogging: labour markets remain largely institutionalised and regulated, without exerting adverse impact upon macroeconomic performance.

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