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Electoral Institutions, Parties and the Politics of Class: Why some Democracies Distribute more than Others

Опубликовано на портале: 25-03-2008
American Political Science Review. 2006.  Vol. 100. No. 2. P. 165-181. 
We develop a general model of redistribution and use it to account for the remarkable variance in government redistribution across democracies. We show that the electoral system plays a key role because it shapes the nature of political parties and the composition of governing coalitions, whether these are conceived as electoral alliances between classes or alliances between class parties. Our argument implies a) that center-left governments dominate under PR systems, while center-right governments dominate under majoritarian systems, and b) that PR systems redistribute more than majoritarian systems. We test our argument on panel data for redistribution, government partisanship, and electoral system in advanced democracies.

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