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Велики ли глаза у страха? Страх безработицы и гибкость заработной платы в России

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Опубликовано на портале: 13-11-2006
Does Fear See Danger Everywhere? Fear of Unemployment and Wages Flexibility in Russia (by Vladimir Gimpelson, Rostislav Kapelyushnikov, Tatyana Ratnikova). This paper examines the connection between people's notions of economical situation and their economic behavior. This issue is considered on the example of forming up the notions of unemployment and their influence on workers adaptation in the labor market. Using the data of RMEE for 1994-2000 years the authors show that at the beginning of this period the fear of unemployment was forming up exogenously in relation to the real situation in the labor market. Along with actual unemployment it was a meaningful factor of lowering pressure on real wages. With the reforms development social learning of population decreased the importance of fear as an autonomous of unemployment adaptation mechanism in the labor market. The main conclusions of the paper are confirmed by econometric calculations using both MNK-estimations for cross-sectional data for particular years and estimations of panel regressions with individual effects.
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