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Handbook of Economic Sociology

Опубликовано на портале: 30-08-2005
Princeton: Russell Sage Foundation, 1994, 835 с.
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During recent years social scientists have come to reaffirm that understanding almost any facet of social life requires a simultaneous understanding of how economic institutions work and how they are influenced by values and norms. Sociology, and especially economic sociology, is well equipped to be of assistance in this endeavor. Neil Smelser and Richard Swedberg bring together leading sociologists, economists, and political scientists in The Handbook of Economic Sociology, the first comprehensive view of this vital and growing field.

"This excellent volume is a compilation of some of the best writing in this field over the past decade, including basic works like Oliver Williamson's transaction cost theory of the firm, and [is] a helpful comparison of economic sociology to mainstream economics."
    —Francis Fukuyama, Foreign Affairs

"This is the first comprehensive theoretical and empirical account of the burgeoning field of economic sociology. The scholarship is consistently strong. . .. The book will be greeted warmly and read by serious scholars throughout the social sciences."
    —Robert K. Merton

"This is a bold, ambitious, almost daunting project. ... It will surely become the standard reference book for the field—the sort of text every scholar will have to know-, consult, and cite."
    —Viviana Zelizer

Smelser, Neil J. and Richard Swedberg. The Sociological Perspective on the Economy. in Smelser, Neil J. and Richard Swedberg.(eds). The Handbook of Economic Sociology, 1994. p. 3-26.
Preface vii
Acknowledgments ix
PART I. Introduction: General Concerns
1.The Sociological Perspective on the Economy
    Neil J. Smelser and Richard Swedberg 3
2. Culture and Economy
    Paul DiMaggio 27
3. The Return of Institutional Economics
    Geoffrey M. Hodgson 58
4. Transaction Cost Economics and Organization Theory
    Oliver E. Williamson 77
5. Evolutionary Theorizing about Economic Change
    Richard R. Nelson 108
6. Learning by Monitoring: The Institutions of Economic Development
    Charles F. Sabel 137
7. A Rational Choice Perspective on Economic Sociology
    James S. Coleman 166
PART II. The Economic Core: Economic Systems, Institutions, and Behavior
Section A: The Economy in Macrosociological Perspective
8. Civilizations and the Organization of Economies
    Gary G. Hamilton 183
9. The International Economy and Economic Development
    Gary Gereffi 206
10. The Socialist Economic System
    Ivan Szelenyi, Katherine Beckett, and Lawrence P. King 234
Section B: The Sociology of Economic Institutions and Economic Behavior
11. Markets as Social Structures
    Richard Swedberg 255
12. Capitalist Work and Labor Markets
    Chris Tilly and Charles Tilly 283
13. Money, Banking, and Financial Markets
    Mark S. Mizruchi and Linda Brewster Steams 313
14. Trade, Transportation, and Spatial Distribution
    Michael D. Irwin and John D.Kasarda 342
15. Networks and Economic Life
    Walter W. Powell and Laurel Smith-Doerr 368
16. Consumption, Preferences, and Changing Lifestyles
    Jonathan Frenzen, Paul M. Hirsch, and Philip C. Zerrillo 403
17. The Informal Economy and Its Paradoxes
    Alejandro Fortes 426
Section C: The Sociology of Firms, Organizations, and Industry
18. Business Groups
    Mark Granovetter 453
19. Entrepreneurship and Management
    Alberto Martinelli 476
20. Firms, Wages, and Incentives
    Aage B. S0rensen 504
21. Firms and Their Environments
    Nitin Nohria and Ranjay Gulati 529
22. Measuring Performance in Economic Organizations
    Marshall W. Meyer 556
PART III. Intersections of the Economy
23. Education and the Economy
    Richard Rubinson and Irene Browne 581
24. Gender and the Economy
    Ruth Milkman and Eleanor Townsley 600
25. Religion and Economic Life
    Robert Wuthnow 620
26. The Ethnic Economy
    Ivan Light and Stavros Karageorgis 647
27. Labor and Leisure
    Nicole Woolsey Biggart 672
28. The Roles of the State in the Economy
    Fred Block 691
29. Welfare States and the Economy
    Gosta Esping-Andersen 711
30. The Sociology of Distribution and Redistribution
    Suzanne Elise Shanahan and Nancy Brandon Tuma 733
31. The Economy and the Environment
    Johannes Berger 766
About the Authors 799
Name Index 805
Subject Index 825