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Brand New Brand Thinking: Brought to Life by 11 Experts Who Do (Современные размышления о брендах: мнение 11-ти экспертов)

Опубликовано на портале: 30-10-2003
Изд-во: Kogan Page, 2002
Тематический раздел:
Brand New Brand Thinking is for anyone who feels they are missing out on the latest branding debates on theory and best practice. This book pulls together contributions from 11 of the world’s leading advertising and branding authorities into one unique volume, covering everything from the branding fundamentals to key cutting-edge developments. Each chapter is written by an outspoken expert with a new perspective on the traditional themes of strategy, research, creativity and collaboration. Whether you are an account planner, a market researcher, designer, brand manager or marketing manager, this book should challenge your basic assumptions, possibly infuriate you, but will ultimately be a useful, thought-provoking read that will inform your approach to branding.

Книга адресована всем тем, кто интересуется современными дебатами в сфере теории и наилучшей практики брендинга. Каждый из разделов книги написан выдающимся мировым специалистом в области рекламы и брендинга и охватывает какую-либо из традиционных тем: реклама, исследования, креативность и т.п.


‘This book matters… You don’t have to agree with everything it says… you may even violently disagree with some of it… but it’ll make you think.’

Editorial Director, Campaign magazine

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