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Applied Psychology in Human Resource Management

Опубликовано на портале: 13-10-2004
New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, 1998, 5-е изд., 399 с.
Cascio (business, U. of Colorado-Denver) aims for an interdisciplinary, research-based HRM text. Assuming some familiarity with personnel psychology and statistics, he discusses the field from the macro-level of the law, organizational context, utility theory, and systems view, to the micro-level of measuring individual differences in employment and strategic planning decisions. Includes compliance checklists and an overview of statistical methods.

  • Chapter 1. Organizations, Work, and Applied Psychology;
  • Chapter 2. The Law and Human Resource Management;
  • Chapter 3. People, Decisions, and the Systems Approach;
  • Chapter 4. Criteria: Concepts, Measurement, and Evaluation;
  • Chapter 5. Performance Appraisal;
  • Chapter 6. Measuring and Interpreting Individual Differences;
  • Chapter 7. Validation and Use of Individual Differences Measures;
  • Chapter 8. Fairness in Employment Decisions;
  • Chapter 9. Analyzing Jobs and Work;
  • Chapter 10. Strategic Human Resource Planning;
  • Chapter 11. Recruitment;
  • Chapter 12. Initial Screening;
  • Chapter 13. Decision Making for Selection;
  • Chapter 14. Managerial Selection;
  • Chapter 15. Classification and Differential Placement;
  • Chapter 16. Training and Development: Considerations in Design;
  • Chapter 17. Training and Development: Implementation and the Measurement of Outcomes;
  • Chapter 18. Ethical Issues in Human Resource Management;
  • Appendix A. Scientific and Legal Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures-Checklists for Compliance; Appendix B. An Overview of Correlation and Linear Regression;
  • Appendix C. Decision Trees for Statistical Methods.
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