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New theories in growth and development

Опубликовано на портале: 14-07-2005
New-York: St. Martin Press, 1998, 304 с.
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This collection offers a stimulating and insightful overview of the main issues affecting long-term economic growth. The novelty of this book is that it brings together two strands of economic literature, growth and development theories. The communication between different approaches is crucial as it is increasingly understood that growth hinges upon institutional and policy aspects that are generally neglected in the stylized models of growth but highly relevant for developing countries. Government policies and institution design become central to the explanation of divergent growth paths.

  • Notes on the Contributors
  • Introduction F.Coricelli, M.di Matteo & F.Hahn
  • A Schumpeterian Perspective on Growth and Competition, P.Aghion & P.Howitt
  • Innovation and Growth: The Relation between Short and Long Term Properties of Processes of Economic Change, M.Amendola & J.L.Gaffard
  • The 'New' Growth Theory: Old Wine in New Goatskins, H.D.Kurz & N.Salvadori
  • The Contributions of Endogenous Growth Theory to the Analysis of Development Problems: An Assessment, P.Bardhan
  • Development and Theories of Endogenous Growth, T.N.Srinivasan
  • Modern Economic (Endogenous) Growth and Development, M.Syrquin
  • Growth and Development Theories, L.Taylor
  • Economic Policies, Economic Shocks and Economic Growth, W.Easterly
  • Growth, Debt and Economic Transformation: The Capital Flight Problem, G.A.Calvo
  • Economic Growth under Alternative Development Strategies: Latin America from the 1940s to the 1930s, A.Solimano
  • Index