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Service Quality: Research Perspectives

Опубликовано на портале: 19-04-2007
Thousemd Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2003, 200 с.
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Service Quality: Research Perspectives presents a comprehensive overview and analysis of the field and its research, including its growth, emerging trends, and debates. Authors Benjamin Schneider and Susan S. White cover the diverse conceptual and empirical approaches that characterize thinking and research on service quality, especially service delivery. It introduces the concept of service and the important ways service production can differ from goods production. It also presents a history of the concept of product quality and the emergence of concern for service quality

Chapter 1. Introduction
  • Approach Of The Book
  • What Are Services
  • What Is Quality?
  • Why Is the Study Of Service Quality Important?
  • Overview Of The Rest Of The Book

    Chapter 2. Conceptualization And Measurement Of Service Quality: Marketing Perspectives

  • Dimensions Of Service Quality
  • Gap Models And The Role Of Expectations In Service Quality
  • Overall Service Quality
  • Service Quality And Customer Satisfaction
  • Survey Development: An Integrated Perspective

    Chapter 3. Service Operations And The Presence Of The Customer

  • The Customer Contact Model Of Service Delivery
  • Classification Of Services By Christopher Lovelock
  • Potential Benefits Of Customer Co-Production
  • Managing Variability Through A Focus On The Customer
  • Reducing Variability Through A Focus On The Facility
  • Linking Operational Procedures To Service Quality And Profits
  • Revenue Management

    Chapter 4. A Service Climate

  • Defining Climate
  • Climate For Service
  • Linkage Research
  • Creating A Service Climate

    Chapter 5. Where Are We And Where Do We Go From Here?

  • How Customers And Service Are Viewed In The Different Fields
  • Integrated Approaches From Services Management
  • Introducing Service Quality Into HR/OB
  • Conclusion: Future Research Agenda
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