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Reforming Farm Policy: Toward a National Agenda

Опубликовано на портале: 04-01-2004
Iowa: Blackwell Publishing Company, 1992, 288 с.
Авторы, являясь высокими специалистами в области аграрной экономики, описывают процесс принятия политических решений в области сельского хозяйства США, программы развития и поддержки сельского хозяйства с анализом их воздействия на экономических агентов и окружающую среду. Книга может быть использована в курсе «Анализ государственной аграрной политики».

Two distinguished economists collaborate here on a hard-hitting inquiry into government programs related to agriculture. Their book has a number of related objectives. First, to help the reader (whether student or opinion leader or member of the voting public) better understand the nature of the farm policy process. Second, to facilitate an understanding and appreciation of the shortcomings of commodity programs - their assistance inequities, their negative impact on the environment, and their failure to deal with rural poverty. Third, to point out the strong and weak points of the many and varied other programs administered by the USDA. But the authors offer more than a critique of past and present policy. They also provide a set of farm policy proposals that deal with the shortcomings of existing programs and have a realistic possibility of being enacted into law. Moreover, they describe the probable consequences of their policy proposals both domestically and internationally. And finally, they discuss the political realities of their farm policy proposals. Reforming Farm Policy presents a realistic analysis of farm policy from a national perspective aimed at promoting responsible legislative action and an effective harnessing of the enormous productive potential of the farm sector of the American economy.
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