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The Economics of School Choice

Опубликовано на портале: 31-12-2003
Ред.: Caroline Hoxby
Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2003, cерия "National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Report", 368 с.
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Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has declared school voucher programs constitutional, the question of what the effects of school choice will be becomes especially pressing. Contributors to this volume draw on state-of-the-art economic methods to investigate how school choice affects a wide range of issues. Combining the results of empirical research with analyses of the basic economic forces underlying local educational markets, this book presents evidence concerning the impact of school choice on student achievement, school productivity, teachers, and special education. It also tackles difficult questions such as whether school choice affects where people decide to live and how choice can be integrated into a system of school financing that gives children from different backgrounds equal access to resources. Contributors discuss the latest findings on Florida's school choice program as well as voucher programs and charter schools in several other states. Revealing the promise of school choice, this book also examines its pitfalls and shows how to design programs that avoid them.

Caroline M. Hoxby

1. Does Public School Competition Affect Teacher Quality?
Eric A. Hanushek and Steven G. Rivkin

2. Can School Choice and School Accountability Successfully Coexist?
David N. Figlio and Marianne E. Page

3. The Role of Special Education in School Choice
Julie Berry Cullen and Steven G. Rivkin

4. School Vouchers: Results from Randomized Experiments
Paul E. Peterson, William G. Howell, Patrick J. Wolf and David E. Campbell

5. Introducing School Choice into Multidistrict Public School Systems
Thomas J. Nechyba

6. School Vouchers as a Redistributive Device: An Analysis of Three Alternative Systems
Raquel FernАndez and Richard Rogerson

7. Neighborhood Schools, Choice, and the Distribution of Educational Benefits
Dennis Epple and Richard Romano

8. School Choice and School Productivity: Could School Choice Be a Tide that Lifts All Boats?
Caroline M. Hoxby