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Monetary Stability And Economic Growth

Опубликовано на портале: 02-09-2003
Northampton: Edward Elgar, 2002
Under the direction of Nobel laureate Robert A. Mundell and Paul J. Zak, eminent contributors to Monetary Stability and Economic Growth offer a unique insight into the way that economists analyse the causes of money (mis) management in the US, Latin America, Europe and Japan, and prescribe stabilising reforms. Their lively discussion provides answers to various questions including:
How does monetary stability affect economic growth?
How can nations best achieve monetary stability?
When is monetary union desirable?
Which anchors for monetary stability are likely to be most effective?
How will the euro affect financial markets and the international monetary system?
Is international monetary reform possible, and how can it be achieved?
The mechanisms that link monetary policy including foreign exchange regimes and the international monetary system to economic performance are examined, and the ways in which countries can stimulate economic growth are explored.
This superb narrative volume, brought alive by the debate between leading economists, is contextualised by the editors excellent introduction. It will be of immense interest to students, researchers and teachers of macroeconomics and financial economics as well as professional economists.

Foreword: Monetary Stability and Economic Growth in Unstable Times
1. The Sixth Lord Robbins Memorial Lecture: Reform of the International Monetary System
2. The State of the World Economy
3. The Euro in Europe and the World
4. Monetary Policy and Economic Growth in Latin America
5. Monetary Policy in the NAFTA-Area and the Possibility of Monetary Union
6. Randall Hinshaw Memorial Lecture: Exchange Rate Policy in Latin America
7. Is Monetary Stability Possible in Latin America?
8. Monetary Policy and Economic Performance in Mexico
9. Economic Policy in Japan and East Asia
10. The Future of the International Monetary
System Index

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