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A Knowledge-Based View of the Control Strategy in Alliances

Опубликовано на портале: 11-12-2002
The establishment of cooperative relationships with other organizations is becoming something crucial to businesses, in a way that strategic alliances or interorganizational relationships (IR) constitute an important topic for research in management literature. This study analyzes interorganizational control (IC), which represents one of the processes within IR that is receiving greater attention in the literature, from a knowledge-based perspective. Besides describing its concept and dimensions, the effect of the knowledge to be transferred in the context of IR on IC is also assessed. To be specific, there is an analysis of the influence of the characteristics of the knowledge and the extent of assimilation of knowledge by the other partners on the extent of control and control types and mechanisms. Empirical evidence is provided by our study of the relationship between tour operators from Germany and the United Kingdom and the accommodation companies, which revolves around the control exercised by the tour operators over the accommodation companies.

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