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Types of Coopetition to Manage Emerging Technologies

Опубликовано на портале: 12-12-2002
The coopetition is a different way to behave in businesses affected by emerging technologies. To explain why coopetition is frequent in these businesses, the paper suggests the idea that competitors decide to cooperate because in emerging technologies there is a competition among network of innovators focused on the technology development and the access to the marketplace. Based on the level of cooperation (high or low) among competitors on technology development and market creation, the paper organizes in a framework the following types of coopetition: a) exchanges of existing knowledge; b) collaborative research & development activities; c) market alliances either for setting new standards or integrating existing business. Each type of coopetition can depict either a specific choice of a firm to effectively compete in the marketplace or a portfolio of firms coopetitive activities that evolves over time.

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