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Real Time: Preparing for the Age of the Never Satisfied Customer (Настоящее время: готовясь к веку вечно неудовлетворенных потребителей)

Опубликовано на портале: 30-10-2003
Harvard: Harvard Business School Press, 1997
Тематический раздел:
This timely and crisp assessment of the digital revolution shows business leaders how the revolution affects buyers behavior and ordinary business practices, where the never satisfied customer will take us in the future, and - most important- why it matters.


Regis McKenna never ceases to challenge the conventional wisdom. The notion of eliminating hierarchy and long-term planning, and creating realtime management that focuses on delivery, results, and customer needs is a key revelation for companies large and small. The use of networked technologies to enable the creation of distributed, connected organizations has tremendous implications for the next generation of competitiveness for industries of all types.

Jerry Yang, founder of Yahoo
Introduction: The Collapse of Time and Space
Keeping Real Time
1.Bits and Bytes in Perpetual Motion
2.The Never Satisfied Customer
3.What Is the Message When the Medium Is Everywhere?
4.A Brand New Brand
5.The Real Time Corporation
6.Continuous Discontinuous Change
7.Preparing for the Eventuality of Anything