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Данная книга - результат осмысления рядом российских и западных авторов процессов, происходящих в современной молодежной среде сквозь призму гендера, поколения и идентичности. Авторы фокусируют свое внимание на таких аспектах современной российской действительности, как возникновение "мифа о красоте", рост секс-индустрии и возрастание сексуального насилия, женский взгляд на брак и воспитание детей, молодежная культура и роль девочек в ней, обучение, карьерные ожидания и новые стратегии поведения молодежи на рынке труда. Данные эмпирических исследований осмысляются в контексте дискурса о молодежи и гендере, так, как он представлен в медиа, академических исследованиях и деятельности государственных институтов в России и на Западе.
Книга полезна студентам и исследователям-социологам, занимающимся изучением проблем современной молодежи, а также всем тем тем, кто хотел бы найти обзор российской и западной литературы по данной теме.

This book explores the lives and expectations of young women in the new Russia, looking at the enormous changes that the new social and economic environment has brought.
The contributors, all of women either live and work in Russia or spend a significant of their time there, focus on the emergence of the 'beauty myth', the growth of the sex industry and the rise in sexual violence, on women's views of marriage and child rearing, on youth culture and the role of girls within it, on education, and on career expectations and difficulties. The book discusses both the actual experience of young women in Russia and the context of that experience in contrast to that of the West, looking at how the media, academia and state institutions in Russia and in the West viewed the interaction of gender and youth.
Gender, Generation and Identity will appeal to students and scholars of contemporary Russia and to sociologists interested in interaction of gender and youth, who will find the book presents a fascinating comparison to the growing literature on gender and generation in the West.
List of figures and tables
List of contributors

1 Introduction
Hilary Pilkington

Part I Surviving the new social environment: strategies at home, work and school
2 Gender and generation in the new Russian labour market
Sue Bridger and Rebecca Kay
3 Employment strategies and the formation of new identities in the service sector in Moscow
Marta Bruno
4 Women's career patterns in industry: a generational comparison
Irina Tartakovskaia
5 Orientations, re-orientations or disorientations? Expectations of the future among Russian school-leavers
Elena Dmitrieva

Part II The new Russian women: Feminity, sexuality and power
6 Young people, sex and sexual identity
Lynne Attwood
7 Love, sex and marriage - the female mirror: value orientations of young women in Russia
Maria Kotovskaia and Natal'ia Shalygina
8 Young people's attitudes towards sex roles and sexuality
Lynne Attwood
8 Beliefs about reproductive health: young Russian women talking
Anne Murcott and Annie Felthan
10 Sexual violence towards womenTat'iana Zabelina

Part III Gender, identity and cultural practice
11'Youth culture' in contemporary Russia: gender, consumption and identity
Hilary Pilkington
12 Young women in provincial gang culture:a case study of Ul'ianovsk
Elena Omel'chenko
13 Farewell to the tusovka:masculinities and femininities on the Moscow youth scene
Hilary Pilkington
14 The body encoded"notes on the folklore of pregnancy
Tat'iana Schepanskaia

Figures and Tables
Changes in the basis of asociation among gagns
Relationship between youth gagns and the mafia
A typology of girls in youth gangs
Taxonomy of Moscow neformaly in 1991

Information about respondents
Change in gang membership, 1991-3
Biker groups in Moscow: organizational differences