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The economics of business culture: Game theory, transaction costs and economic performance

Опубликовано на портале: 21-10-2003
Oxford: Claredon Press, 1997, 286 с.
Mark Casson, a respected economist, sets out in a rigorous but accessible way, the theory that the culture in which a firm operates has a profound effect on its productivity. One of the topics covered by this book - the role of leadership and manipulation of performance in business culture - is very important and has been largely neglected until now.


    List of Tablesx

    I.Principles of Leadership

  1. Why Culture Really Matters
  2. .How Leaders Inspire Achievement

    II.Co-ordination with Pairwise Encounters

  3. How Culture Sustains Trade
  4. The Causes of Catastrophe
  5. Promoting Participation
  6. Reciprocity and Revenge

    III.Co-ordinating Work-Groups

  7. Team Spirit
  8. Intermediators: The Middle-Class Middlemen
  9. Small is Cosy: Intimate Relations in Small Groups

    IV.Collective Co-ordination and Social Justice

  10. From Free-riding to Philanthropy
  11. Distribution and Justice
  12. Collusion as Moral Crusade

    V. Synthesis

  13. Business Culture
  14. Policy Implications
  15. Summary and Conclusions