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Education and the State: A Study in Political Economy

Опубликовано на портале: 31-12-2003
USA: Liberty Fund, 1994, "3rd ed.", 364 с.
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Originally published in 1965, the questions raised in this book concerning state-run education have grown immeasurably in urgency and intensity.

The book re-examines the role of government in education, and challenges the fundamental statist assumption that the state is best able to provide an education for the general population. The author explores the views on education on the 19th-century British reformers and classical economists, who argued the necessity of state education. West demonstrates that by the Foster Act of 1870 the state system of education was superimposed over successful private efforts, thereby suppressing an emerging and increasingly robust structure of private, voluntary and competitive education funded by families, churches and philanthropies. This new and expanded edition addresses the American situation in education, applying the lessons learned from the study of British institutions. It also broadens their application from education to the conduct of democracy as a political system.

Part One. Protection of Infants Principle
Part Two. The Political Economists' Argument of the 'Neighbourhood Effects' on Education
Part Three. Theoretical and Empirical Antecedents
Part Four. New Patterns in State Responsibility
Part Five. A Further Case Study of Public Intervention
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