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The Practice Turn in Contemporary Theory

Опубликовано на портале: 27-03-2004
London: Routledge, 2001, 224 с.
Сборник ведущих социологов и социальных теоретиков из США и Западной Европы, представляющих новую практическую парадигму, своего рода коллективный манифест прагматического поворота. Авторы позиционируют практическую парадигму относительно структурализма, герменевтики, семиотики. В книге обсуждается природа практического и неявного знания, навыков и практик, которые составляют фон социального порядка и поддерживают общую для любого коллектива систему смыслов.

This work provides a diverse philosophical exploration of the role of practice and practices in human activity. It contains essays and critiques of this philosophical and sociological attempt to move beyond current problematic ways of thinking in the humanities and social sciences and explore several conceptions of practice: as underlying subjects and objects, as conditions of knowledge and as a building-block of social phenomena. The essays discuss philosophers such as Wittgenstein, Heidegger and Derrida, whose contributions have been influential in practice theory. It also shows how practice theory stands in opposition to numerous prevalent ways of thinking, such as structuralism, system theory, semiotics, and many strains of humanism. Among the motivations of practice theory study is its approach to science and technology as an activity opposed to representation and its attempt to rethink humanist dichotomies between human and non human entities. This text should be useful to all those interested in the role that practices play in our lives and across a large number of disciplines including philosophy, sociology, science, cultural theory, history and anthropology.
Introduction: Practice Theory
Theodore Schatzki

Part One: Practices as Social Orders
1. Practice as Collective Action
Barry Barnes
2. Human Practices and the Observability of the Macro-Social
Jeff Coulter
3. Practice Mind-ed Orders
Theordore Schatzki
4. Pragmatic Regimes Governing Engagement with the World
Laurent Thevenot
5. What Anchors Cultural Practices
Ann Swidler

Part Two: Inside Practice
6. Wittgenstein and the Priority of Practice
David Bloor
7. What is Tacit Knowledge?
H.M. Collins
8. Throwing out the Tacit Rule-book: Learning and Practice Stephen Turner
9. Ethnomethodology and the Logic of Practice
Michael Lynch

Part Three: Posthumanist Challenges
10. How Heidegger Defends the Possibility of a Correspondence Theory of Truth
Hubert Dreyfus
11. Practice and Posthumanism: Social Theory and a History of Agency
Andrew Pickering
12. Objectual Practice
Karin Knorr Cetina
13. Two Concepts of Practice
Joseph Rose
14. Derridean Dispersion and Heideggerian Articulation
Charles Spinosa
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