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The Political Institution of Private Property

Опубликовано на портале: 22-09-2003
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997, 218 с.
In this book Itai Sened provides an original analysis of the political institutions that protect property and individual rights. He argues that the origin of these rights resides in political institutions, and not in any set of moral principles. Individual rights are said to derive from a "social contract" that evolves through a political process in which governments grant and protect rights in return for political and economic support. Extending neo-institutional theory to the subject, and using a positive game theoretic approach in its analysis, this book is an original contribution to scholarship on the evolution of rights.

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1. Classical theories of the origin of rights: the social contract
2. Neo-classical theories of the origin of property rights: non strategic individuals in a world without politics
3. A game theoretic approach: contemporary theory of institutions
4. A neo-liberal theory of the state: the role of government in the evolution of individual rights
5. A neo-liberal theory of the social contract: the role of autonomous individual agents in the evolution of rights
6. Political entrepreneurs: a linkage between social agents and central authorities
7. A case study: the grant of private property rights in air slots
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