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Markets and organization

Опубликовано на портале: 20-10-2003
New York: Springer-Verlag, 1998, 696 с.
Market economy has become today the predominant economic system in the world. One of the tasks of the book is to define analytically the essential features of a market economy. The other purpose is to investigate the very working of a market economy which rests on firms defined as organizations and markets seen as institutions. It also supposes a renewed conception of cooperation and competition. The book will permit the reader to acquire a fresh view on market economies, stressing simultaneously their unity and diversity. It will also interest specialists of microeconomics as well as industrial organization, economics of technology and institutional economics.

    Contents: What is a market Economy?;
    D. Torre: Consumer Sovereignty;
    M. Amendola, J-L. Gaffard: "Free" Enterprise;
    B. Ingrao: Free market;
    C. Longhi, A. Raybaut: Free Competition;
    M. Currie: The Invisible Hand;
    S. Bruno: Laissez-Faire.- How Does it Work?;
    M. Currie: New Institutional and New Keynesian Economics;
    G. Dosi, R. Nelson: Evolutionary Theories;
    J-L. Ravix, J. Krafft: Theories of the Firm;
    L. Ragni: Property and Control;
    G. Dosi, D.J. Teece: Organizational Competitencies and the Boundaries of the Firms;
    S. NgoMai, M. Quere: Innovative Behaviours;
    C. Longhi: Financing the Firm;
    J-P. Daloz: Auction Markets;
    S. NgoMai, F. Sosthe: Product Markets;
    J. De Bandt: Service Markets;
    N. Levratto: Credit Markets;
    G. Mondello: Financial Markets;
    P. Piacentini: Labor Market(s);
    D. Elson: International Markets;
    P.P. Saviotti: Product Differentiation;
    S. Bruno, V. Amendola: Regulation and Deregulation;
    M. Glais: Competition Policy;
    J. Krafft: Vertical Integration and Vertical Restraints;
    P. Dulbecco: Inter-Firms Cooperative Agreements;
    M. Quere, L. Ragni: Local Systems of Production and Innovation;
    M. Rainelli: Multinational Firms;
    C. Charbit: Firms Internationalization through Cooperation.