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On custom in the economy

Опубликовано на портале: 25-10-2003
Oxford: Claredon Press, 1998, 330 с.
Drawing on philosophy and psychology, Schlicht seeks to reintroduce the notion of custom in economics. In the process, he provides a link between market processes, which are often analyzed, and customary elements, which have been neglected by economists or at best seen as routines that have been adopted because they were competitively successful.



    Part I The Amalgam of Custom

  1. A Web of Reinforcements
  2. Entitlements and Obligations
  3. Smooth and Lumpy Changes
  4. Fuzziness
  5. Adaptive Custom
  6. Clarity
  7. Rules and Schemata
  8. Rule Preference
  9. Attribution and Motivation
  10. Custom and Style

    Part II Custom in Action

  11. Property
  12. The Law
  13. The Firm
  14. The Division of Labour

    Part III Review

  15. The Texture of Custom

    A Notes on Method
    B The Principle of Relativity
    C Hume's Law



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