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Benchmarking for best practices: winning through innovative adaptation

Опубликовано на портале: 23-01-2003
New York: McGraw Hill, 1994
The authors note that benchmarking is the systematic process of searching for best practices, innovative ideas, and highly effective operating procedures that lead to superior performance. Best practice benchmarking, considering the experience of others, is a fundamental approach to managing in today's work world. New and innovative methods are important because organizations must look outside to find the best practices in order to motivate their organization to meet the highest standards possible. Included in the appendix are worksheets that can be copied in order to integrate benchmarking into the organization.


1. Benchmarking for Best Practice: Winning Through Innovative Adaptation
2. Fast Learning Through Innovative Adaptation
3. Benchmark and Performance Measurement
4. The Secrets of Successful Benchmarking
5. Design for Implementation Success
6. Integrating Benchmarking into Your Organization
7. Putting Benchmarking to Work in the Executive Office and Boardroom
8. Benchmarking and Strategic Planning
9. Benchmarking and Business Process Reengineering
10. Benchmarking and Time-Based Competition
11. Benchmarking and Change Management
12. International Benchmarking
13. Benchmarking in the Public Sector
14. Managing Best Practice Knowledge
15. Benchmarking and the Twenty-First-Century Organization

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