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Reengineering management: the mandate for new leadership

Опубликовано на портале: 16-01-2003
New York: Harper Business, 1995
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Noting that reengineering has not fulfilled the promise he predicted in 1993, author Champy asserts that the fault is not with technology but with management itself. He urges managers to consider four issues: What is this business for? What kind of culture do we want? How do we do our work? With what kind of people do we want to work? Champy's message in this book, a more conciliatory work than his original book on reengineering, is that the purpose of reengineering is to serve customers in a way that creates meaning for the individual employee and the organization. In today's world, employees want to work together in a collaborative, participative fashion rather than an authoritarian and controlling manner, and they want to work with people who learn, listen, and communicate and work as a team.


1. Management? Why Reengineer Management?
2. The Ordeal of Management
3. Living the Questions
4. What Is This Business For, Anyway?
5. Cases in Point - How We Decided
6. What Kind of Culture Do We Want?
7. Cases in Point - What We Wanted
8. How Will We Do Our Work?
9. Cases in Point - Thinking About Management Processes
10. What Kind of People Do We Want to Work With?
11. Cases in Point - How We Chose
12. The Second Managerial Revolution

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