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The boundaryless organization: breaking the chains of organizational structure

Опубликовано на портале: 23-01-2003
San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1995
Traditional management deals with the following boundaries of organizations: vertical hierarchical levels of staff; horizontal functional areas; external outreach relations; and geographic realities. To adopt a concept of boundarylessness necessary to cope with the ever-increasing rates of change, managers, in recognizing the need to go beyond traditional boundaries, need to shift paradigms in order to make the necessary adjustments in organizational structure and processes to meet the demands of a fast-moving world. The author provides tools to measure the strength of current boundaries and identifies means of eliminating the boundaries.

The Authors

1. A New World Order: Rising to the Challenge of New Success Factors
Pt. 1 Free Movement Up and Down: Crossing Vertical Boundaries
2. Toward a Healthy Hierarchy
3. Rewiring and Retuning the Hierarchy
Pt. 2 Free Movement Side to Side: Crossing Horizontal Boundaries
4. Beyond Turf and Territory
5. Integrating Resources to Serve the Customer
Pt. 3 Free Movement Along the Value Chain: Crossing External Boundaries
6. Toward Partnership with Customers and Suppliers
7. Strengthening the Value Chain
Pt. 4 Free Global Movement: Crossing Geographic Boundaries
8. Toward the Global Corporation
9. Actions for Global Learners, Launchers, and Leaders Conclusion
10. Making It Happen: Leading Toward the Boundaryless Organization