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Leaders: strategies for taking change

Опубликовано на портале: 23-01-2003
New York: Harper Business, 1997
Leadership, according to the authors, is about judgement and character, and can best be handled by integrated human beings. This book concentrates on four themes shared by leaders: 1) vision - leaders with intensity and commitment whose attention is focussing on the goal and the agenda express a magnetism which attracts followers; 2) communication - the tool for sharing meaning; 3) trust - whereby the leader's position offers security to followers; 4) deployment of self through positive self-regard. Leaders are shown as setting direction, managing change concurrently with the provision of high-quality service, and attracting new resources.

Foreword to the second edition

Mistaking Charge
A new theory of leadership
The context of leadership
Paradigm shifts

Leading Others, Managing Yourself
The four strategies
Empowerment: the dependent variable
Plan for implementation

Strategy I: Attention through Vision
Vision and organizations
Paying attention: the leaders choice for direction
Focusing attention: the leaders search for commitment

Strategy II: Meaning through Communication
Three styles of social architecture
Tools of the social architect
Changing the social architecture

Strategy III: Trust through Positioning
Organizations and their environments

Quest for position
Lessons for leadership

Strategy IV: the Deployment for Self
The learning organization
Innovative learning
Leading the learning organization
Organizing for innovative learning

Taking Charge: Leadership and Empowerment
Management education
Dispelling myths
Toward the new millennium
A finel note

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