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Middle Managers Responses to Organisational Re-branding

Опубликовано на портале: 05-01-2003
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This paper argues that, in contrast to their public claims, organisations do not so much engage in radical reconfiguration as re-branding of their structures and middle managers roles. Modest changes to reporting relationships and the distribution of power are cloaked in the brand images of decentralisation and empowerment, whilst equally modest changes to managerial responsibilities are branded as leadership and entrepreneurship. This re-branding is less a description of the intrinsic properties of the organisational change product, more a set of claims, or brand promises, about beneficial performative effects. However, middle managers re-branded as business managers, entrepreneurs and leaders, without commensurate substantive changes either to their roles or their autonomy, respond to this dissonance not by behaving in ways consistent with the brand promise but by retreating into familiar administrative routines.

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