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Relationship Marketing: The Book That Defined "The Age of the Customer", Revised And Updated (Маркетинг отношений: книга, определившая "эру потребителя")

Опубликовано на портале: 31-10-2003
USA: Perseus Publishing, 2003
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The book that launched the customer-focused revolution--updated and revised for a new generation of forward-looking marketers and strategists. With a new introduction and afterword by the author. Long before there was "one-to-one marketing," "personalization," or "customer-centered growth," Regis McKenna was helping companies compete by enriching their relationships with customers. The concepts and principles of "relationship marketing" are now indelibly woven into the fabric of business practice: the blurring of products and services, an outside - in mentality, innovative and technology-driven cultures designed to anticipate customer needs. In the decade since Relationship Marketing was published, McKenna's prognostications about the impact of technology on marketing have been borne out, and he has continued to stay several steps ahead of the curve. In this new, updated edition, he reflects on the degree to which technology has raised the bar - in terms of company capabilities and customer expectations - but also cautions readers not to be dazzled by technology for its own sake. Marketing is more dynamic and complex than ever before, but the basic tenets of investing in human relationships will drive business forever.

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